In the third edition of Project FUEL’s Masterpiece Tour, we traveled to Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France and Hungary to collect life lessons of people affected by recent migrant crisis - both refugees, and citizens of the countries that have provided asylum to them.

The 90-day-tour was filled with the best possible human experiences and stories. The program focused on the creation of a knowledge base to bring twofold benefits. First, to have people relate to someone outside of their community by tapping into their empathic selves and second, in drawing out human-interest stories from lives that had increasingly become just a statistic of the conflict.

We studied integration to create enabling communities. Through a daily social media reach and on-ground activities, we humanised refugee stories through their life lessons. From 11-year olds writing letters to refugees to discussions with local authorities about effective tools of integration, we came closer to our vision of creating a more sustainable world.

At the end of the tour, we were honoured to be invited to speak at the United Nations headquarters in New York. We are currently in the process of creating a documentary, a photo-essay book and a curriculum based on the content collected from this Masterpiece Tour.