Ghost Village Festival : Schedule/Activities

1. Village Walk : Get settled in. Take a walk. Soak it in. You have arrived. Welcome to Saur!

2. Wall Painting : Ever doodled on walls as a kid? Still get the urge to, at times? Well, this is bigger, but just as fun. And you will have Poornima Sukumar, one of India's best muralists, to guide you. You can imagine, whatever you create will actually be art.

3. Trekking : The images that flood your mind everytime you read or hear, 'The mountains are calling' will be made real. Walk upto a hill, have a scrumptious breakfast and have that fleeting overwhelming moment where you can't believe how truly beautiful nature is.

4. Traditional Cooking : Masterchef is overrated. This is the real deal. Where else in the world would you be able to learn to make green salt?

5. Craft Workshop : We liked the days when craft corners were all the rage at parties. OK, OK, maybe that was just at a couple of birthday parties in the 90s. But still, craft workshops have a knack of bringing out the creativity in everyone. And if that doesn't do it, having to work with pine cones will definitely do.

6. Village Experience : Run the length of the watermill. Fetch water in a pale. Or be a pretend botanist by foraging for leaves or herbs in the village and the surrounding mountains. A village experience can be all encompassing.

7. Folk Dance/Music : When you go back home, what proof will you have that you've just come back from an amazing mountain village festival? Learn Garhwali dance to Garhwali music from a local, show some of the steps to friends and family and pass on a little bit of this vibrant culture around the world.

8. Structure Serendipity : Plop yourself under a tree. Jaytirth Ahya, Founder of the Roadtrip Experience Project, will help you meander the spaces of serendipity where to find it, and how to increase your chances of running into people, opportunities and happy moments.

9. Cultural Performances : You've trekked, cooked, painted and danced. This is where you sit back and find your entertainment fix.

While all of this may sound loaded, it won't be so. You will have your time to walk around aimlessly, cozy up somewhere with a good book or have a meaningful conversation with a loved one. We've set aside 'Change Hours', to bring out the philosophers in you.